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CROP Nelson DeMille Book Club 9-17-13


NELSON DEMILLE BOOK CLUB:  Those of you who have been with us for a while know that Michael is a voracious and eclectic reader.  Before syndication and SiriusXM, Michael started Book Club with Michael Smerconish – gathering radio listeners to discuss best sellers with world-class authors.  His first guest when he launched in 2005 was the incomparable Nelson DeMille to discuss Night Fall and Nelson returned to radio book club this past Wednesday with The Quest.  It was wonderful to see Nelson – he and Michael are just terrific together and the hour flew by!   More Book Clubs are in the works!

SIRIUSXM IN NYC:  Wednesday’s event was my first visit to the SiriusXM studios in NYC.  Let me tell you, it’s radio HEAVEN!  Studio after studio after studio plastered with posters and notes and fabulous STUFF indicative of whatever radio is going on within – truly a sight to behold.  The Book Club hour was held in what they call the “Fishbowl” a two-story glass radio studio in the middle of everything.  And when I say “everything”…during the book club hour both Hugh Jackman and Jack Gyllenhaal walked by – as well as some rocker I’m not cool enough to identify.  Bottom line – SiriusXM is HAPPENING!  Loved it! 

JAMIE MOYER IN STUDIO:  Former Phillies pitcher and the oldest MLB pitcher ever to win a game made an in studio visit this week.  He was here to discuss Just Tell Me I Can’t:  How Jamie Moyer Defied the Radar Gun and Defeated Time that he wrote with Larry Platt.  Jamie is just a wonderful guy – smart, thoughtful, warm – who wants to share his take on the power of the mind – the power of positive thinking.  It’s really an ode to his friend and sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman.  Powerful messages and something I believe in wholly.  Clearly it worked for him – he graciously let me model his bling:


RON PAUL:  Michael welcomed Dr. Paul back to the program to discuss his latest The School Revolution on homeschooling.  The Congressman is one of the best radio guests I know – he is articulate, passionate and completely consistent in his libertarian philosophy.  He sparked a compelling conversation about how we educate our kids.  Note – if you’re not following Michael on twitter – @smerconish – I suggest you do so as not to miss gems like this:

Michael Smerconish @smerconish - Next @ronpaul says educate our own – all I know about chem I learned from @BreakingBad_AMC#TheSchoolRevolution @SiriusXM POTUS 124

BRIAN HOLLOWAY:  Former NFL Star Brian Holloway joined us today to discuss the teen bash held in his NY vacation house while he was home in Florida.  Brian has exposed the trespassers by reposting their own tweets and instagrams.  Kids – don’t break and enter, don’t vandalize and do NOT hit the send key!  Good Grief!  As Michael said – Animal House is funny until it’s YOUR house.  Brian was amazing – really measured in his response and trying to turn this into something positive.  Check out and Soundcloud here on for a piece of the interview.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING: Have a wonderful weekend as we usher in fall – already looking forward to Monday!  All the best from TC, Executive Producer, Michael Smerconish Program








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