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Where Best Selling Authors Come For Conversation

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“I’ve been a four-time guest on Michael Smerconish’s Book Club, and, even after a great start, each session has been even better than the one before.

He has been well-prepared, has read each book with care and understanding, and asks provocative questions that have allowed me to expand the audience’s understanding of my work. Much more than parenthetically, Michael draws large and interested audiences, and handles them with grace and eloquence. He’s the best!”

John C. Bogle, author of ten books and founder of The Vanguard Group


“The Book Club was a fantastic experience for me as an author. Michael was well-prepared and insightful, and he posed interesting questions. The atmosphere was warm and engaging, and Michael steered the evening into something enlightening not only to the audience, but even to me as the subject.”

Mitch Albom
Author of “The Time Keeper”


“Michael Smerconish’s Book Club is every author’s dream. Literate, witty, and challenging; I love speaking with Michael about books. Or about anything. “

Nelson DeMille
Author of “The Panther”


“Michael Smerconish is the Cecil B. DeMille of book interviewers. He’s got the live audience, the film audience, that whole caboodle. Next time you write, make a date with Michael to reach the biggest possible audience.”

Chris Matthew
Author of “Jack Kennedy”


“Of the hundreds of book programs and clubs I have participated in over the years, I would be hard-pressed to think of any that were more insightful, effective, and classy than those hosted by Michael Smerconish. If it were only a remarkable forum in which to sell books — many books — it would be praise-worthy enough. But Michael Smerconish is one of those rare interviewers who has actually read the books, digested them, and thought upon them. He brings passion and clarity to author discussions. The atmosphere is conversational and relaxed, but thoroughly professional. There is only one downside to joining him and his hundreds of adoring and thoughtful fans — it spoils you. His audience is made up of true readers (hallelujah!) and authors are made to feel like royalty.”

Ted Gup
Author of “A Secret Gift.” (Penguin Press, 2010)


“Was very comfortable with Michael and knew he wouldn’t try and throw any gotcha questions at me. It was like being at home talking with my friend.”

Marcus Luttrell
Author of “Lone Survivor”


“Of all the book tour events I’ve attended over the last ten years, by far the best–by which I mean best questions, best presentation, best conversation,best time–was my visit to Michael Smerconish’s “Book Club.” I hope it was as good for the audience as it was for me. Please have me back!”

Jane Leavy
Author of “The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood”


2012 BookClubs


Nelson DeMille – The Panther
November 29, 2012 – 7pm
Scottish Rite Auditorium

On November 29, the inimitable Nelson Demille returns to Book Club to discuss the latest in his storied career of international intrigue-fiction, The Panther. The book marks the return of John Corey, the homicide detective-turned-FBI anti-terrorism agent, now posted in Yemen and tasked with tracking down one of the masterminds of the USS Cole bombing – codename, The Panther.

Book Club With Nelson DeMille Is Sold Out


John C. Bogle – The Clash of the Cultures: Investment vs. Speculation
December 12, 2012 – 8am
Villanova School of Business, Villanova University

Join Michael and Legendary Founder of the Vanguard Group John C. Bogle for a Breakfast Book Club to discuss The Clash of the Cultures: Investment vs. Speculation.

Mr. Bogle created Vanguard in 1974 and served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until 1996 and Senior Chairman until 2000. The Vanguard Group is the largest mutual fund organization in the world.

TIME magazine has named Mr. Bogle one of the world’s 100 most powerful and influential people and FORTUNE has designated him as one of the investment industry’s four “Giants of the 20th Century.” Clash of Cultures: Investment vs. Speculation, is Mr. Bogle’s 10th book. Reflecting on a career that now spans more than 60-years, he brings his considerable wisdom and expertise to bear on the most troubling developments in the recent era – the crowding out of long-term investment by short-term speculation.

In language comprehendible by all, Mr. Bogle explains how, to the detriment of our society, the idea of stewardship has gotten lost in the shuffle, replaced by salesmanship and innovations that have ill-served investors. Mr. Bogle concludes the book by offering ten simple investment rules to help investors avoid the many hazards of investing, and by focusing on simplicity and economy, to meet their investment goals. The Clash of the Cultures Book Club meets Wednesday morning – December 12th at 8am ET at Villanova University. Tickets are just $25 for a Continental Breakfast and discussion sponsored by the Villanova School of Business withthanks to Dean Patrick Maggitti.

Book Club With Jack Bolge Is Sold Out


Marie Tillman – The Letter: My Journey Through Love, Loss, and Life
November 7, 2012 – 7pm
Media Theatre

On November 7, Michael will be joined at the Media Theatre by Marie Tillman, widow of American hero Pat Tillman and author of the new book The Letter: My Journey Through Love, Loss and Life. In it, Marie Tillman tells the harrowing story of her husband’s death in Afghanistan, the Army’s attempts to obfuscate the truth about it, about how a “just-in-case” letter Pat had written between deployments helped restore a sense of comfort in her life.

CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER – Stay tuned for news on possibly rescheduling!


Mitch Albom – The Time Keeper
October 14, 2012 – 7pm
National Museum of American Jewish History

The author of the iconic Tuesdays With Morrie will visit Book Club on October 14 to discuss his latest work of inspirational fiction, The Time Keeper. The book imagines the story of Dor, the inventor of the first clock, who is banished to solitary confinement for thousands of years after his attempts to measure and control the passage of time. Upon being released in the present day, “Father Time” is tasked with saving two individuals – a wealthy businessman consumed in his efforts to live forever and a teenage girl contemplating suicide – by teaching them to truly value each moment of their lives.



Donald Barlett & James Steele – The Betrayal of the American Dream
September 27, 2012 – 7pm
Bucks County Playhouse

On Thursday, September 27 at 7pm, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Donald Barlett and James Steele will join Michael at the Bucks County Playhouse to discuss “The Betrayal of the American Dream,” their manifesto on the decline of the country’s vaunted middle class. In “Betrayal,” Barlett and Steele undertake an exhaustive and insightful examination of modern U.S. economic policies and the politics that guide them, arriving at an unsettling conclusion: as a result of hardships caused by everything from the country’s tax code to its trade policy and approach to regulation (or lackthereof), the once vital middle class now faces an overwhelmingly bleak future.



Michael is an avid reader. There is always something on his nightstand or in his Kindle. Like his politics and his music, his reading tastes are tough to categorize. On his bookshelf, Bob Woodward sits next to Nelson DeMille.

A few years ago, before his program was nationally syndicated, he initiated Book Club with Michael Smerconish. The Book Club meets when the spiritmoves Michael, meaning, when he reads a book he would like to discuss with an author in front of a live audience.

These are immensely popular events drawing large crowds in and around Philadelphia.

In the last six years, he has hosted the following list of authors discussing the referenced books:

Best-selling author Nelson DeMille (four times!) – NightFall, Wild Fire, Gate House, The Lion U.S. Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell – Lone Survivor
Wall Street Journal reporter Jeff Zaslow – The Last Lecture
Economist Steven Levitt – Freakonomics
Novelist Jennifer Weiner – Little Earthquakes
Former Naval Secretary John Lehman – The 9-11 Commission Report
Senator John McCain – Character is Destiny.
Vanguard Group Founder John “Jack” Bogle – The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism, Little Book on Common Sense Investing
From the Sopranos, Joe Ganascoli – A Meal to Die For
Novelist Lisa Scottoline – Dirty Blonde, Daddy’s Girl
Lt Ilario Pantano – Warlord
MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan – State of Emergency
Former Governor Jim McGreevey – The Confession
Novelist Scott Turow – Limitations
Former National Security Adviser Richard Clarke – Breakpoint
Philadelphia Phillies Chairman Bill Giles – Pouring Six Beers at a Time
Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly – Culture Warrior MSNBC’s
Chris Matthews – Life’s a Campaign and Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero
Columnist Richard Louv – Last Child in the Woods
Author and Columnist Ted Gup – A Secret Gift
Vanguard Group Founder John “Jack” Bogle – Don’t Count on It!
Journalist and Biographer James Kaplan, – Frank
Sports Reporter and Author Jane Leavy – The Last Boy
Columnist and Author Del Quentin Wilber – Rawhide Down
Novelist Pete Hamill – Tabloid City
Newsman Larry Kane – Death by Deadline
NHL Legend Bernie Parent – Journey through Risk and Fear
Radio Host Glen Macnow and Journalist George Anastasia – The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies
Music Guru Jerry Blavat – You Only Rock Once
Libertarian Charles Murray – Coming Apart
Former MLB Pitcher Jim Abbott – Imperfect

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