Michael Smerconish On Hardball

Michael Smerconish talks to deep water search expert, Tim Keller, about how to search for flight MH370 underwater.

Premier League Football

Time to End Straight Party Voting

Airline Merger

Who Will Be Most Impacted By ‘Stop-And-Frisk’ Decision?

Let’s Not Criticize President Obama’s Vacation Days

Go See The 9/11 Memorial And Donate

The Difference Between a Crime and a Hate Crime

Michael Smerconish on the set of Hardball


Let Me Finish on President Obama and Race

On DC Wal-Mart – Good or Bad for Community?



Phantom Planter

Eliot Spitzer joined Michael on Hardball

Senator: What If Obama Ended NSA Program That Could Have Stopped ‘Nuclear Attack On Miami?

Hardball “Let Me Finish” Commentary: Opt Out

Hardball “Let Me Finish” Commentary

Wednesday January 2nd Fiscal Cliff

Thursday January 3rd Penn State

Friday January 4th Django

Debate segment over pork in the Sandy relief budget:

Let Me Finish

Anonymous posts Link

Cameras in supreme court


Iraq vet, former SEAL face off on controversial anti-Obama video

New report reveals Paterno, PSU officials knew about child abuse by Sandusky

Should ex-felons be allowed to vote?

With Chris Matthews and Tamron

Never Forget Pins

Super Tuesday 2010

Rundown of the back of the house dealings after a week straight of guest hosting Hardball including commercial break outtakes

Jose Melendez Perez’s time in “political purgatory” after his car incident a few years ago:

Almost certainly the only “Let Me Finish” segment about Roger Waters in Hardball history:

As a Hardball Guest with Al Snyder:

CNN video:

Politico Article:

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